insight2050 will build upon the blueprints put forth by Columbus 2050. The initiative will create a set of objective analytical tools for the purpose of informing the public and private decision makers who must evaluate and prepare for the impacts of the future growth and development of our region.



Columbus 2050 was a comprehensive effort lead by the Columbus District Council of the Urban Land Institute to start a dialogue and assess key issues facing Central Ohio’s future growth and development.  Since the region is expected to grow by more than 500,000 people by 2050, how and where the region develops over the next 30+ years will likely play a major role in defining the region’s economic competitiveness, both domestically and world-wide, as well as determining its overall sustainability.


To continue the work of Columbus 2050, ULI Columbus took the lead role in forming a collaborative partnership with Columbus 2020 (our region’s lead economic development organization) and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (our MPO) to complete a regional growth scenario analysis, called insight2050.  Engaging the region’s planning authority and economic development organization, in partnership with real estate community represented by ULI Columbus, has substantially reinforced awareness of the connection between economic development and land use that is critically important to Central Ohio’s future success.  It has also fostered discussions about increased development densities and mixed-use development opportunities at a level and breadth not previously experienced within our region.

For more information about insight2050 visit the initiatives webpage.

Download the insight2050 report