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ULI House Conference Focuses on Policies for Housing-Insecure Families

A recent Urban Land Institute Housing Opportunity Conference focused much needed attention on bold policy solutions to expand housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income households across the country. Spotlighting “Investment in Opportunity,” an Enterprise Community Partners’ ambitious policy platform intended to improve the lives of housing-insecure families, a ULI panel discussed a rental crisis where more than 11 million households are paying more than half their monthly income on rent. Between rent, food, medical and utility bills, child care and car expenses, working families face perilous circumstances and difficult decisions … Read More

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In 13 States, Land Banks Stabilizing Weakened Municipalities

In 13 States, Land Banks Stabilizing Weakened Municipalities – Urban Land Magazine // From 1971 to 2008, only five states passed legislation enabling land banks; but in the last six years, another eight have done so. As vacancies and blight have plagued parts of the United States still recovering from recession and the mortgage foreclosure crisis, so too has land banking grown. There are now some 120 land banks and land-banking programs, with West Virginia joining the list in 2014. “Many communities—large and small, urban and rural, from the Rust Belt … Read More

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The “Full Spectrum Housing” Breakout Event

Summary of “Full Spectrum Housing: Shifting Market Preferences” April 27th Columbus 2050 Breakout Event   The “Full Spectrum Housing: Shifting Market Preferences” Columbus 2050 breakout event hosted on April 27th brought together local experts and stakeholders to identify priorities for housing within Central Ohio.  The following input gathered during the event will be used to inform a long-term strategic vision for Central Ohio. The event began with presentations by four experts in Central Ohio housing.  Presenters included Clarence Simmons of SIMCO Construction Ltd, Tim Gribben of Columbus Compact, George Mattei … Read More

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