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Request for Proposal: Regional Corridor Analysis

Request for Proposal:

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), together with the City of Columbus, the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), the Columbus District Council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI Columbus), and other Central Ohio jurisdictions, acting as the project partners, seeks a qualified consultant or consulting team to undertake a Regional Corridor Analysis. This analysis will study a variety of metrics to assess the likely impact(s) of implementing the more compact development options identified by insight2050. Specifically, the study would include an analysis of metrics resulting from intensifying the development patterns within select regional corridors (across a pre-determined distance or buffer). Furthermore, MORPC and its project partners are interested in studying the relationship between these corridors and high-capacity transit, inclusive of all types of technologies, under both the current and intensified development patterns. It is anticipated that the results of the Regional Corridor Analysis will lead to specific implementation recommendations regarding the use of tools, such as zoning and development codes, utility enhancements, financial incentives and strategies, market readiness assessments, workforce housing policies, land assemblage, and prioritization of development/redevelopment areas. Another key goal of the study is the production of objective and replicable evaluation criteria (diagnostic tool) that could be applied to other corridors within the region that have similar characteristics.

For more information on the RFP visit, morpc.org.


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